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Services for Nonprofits

Training and networking


On a regular basis, we offer educational opportunities and networking events for the voluntary sector. This includes workshops, community breakfasts, and Lunch and Learns.


Resource collection

We provide a community resource collection on not-for-profit organizations’ management, fundraising, volunteer management, board members and more. You are encouraged to visit the Newmarket Public Library and borrow one or more of our many titles.


Event promotion

If your organization is involved in a local event, please drop off your flyers or brochures or send us an e-mail with the information and we will help you with your promotional efforts by posting your event on our bulletin board and on-line calendar.


promoting volunteerism

Among the services to promote volunteerism in the community, we

  • speak about volunteering at high schools, service clubs and other community events
  • offer workshops to all ages of people in the community about the possibilities and process of volunteering
  • distribute information on volunteering during Volunteer Week at Upper Canada Mall
  • publish regular articles in Library newsletters
  • create packages for the local high schools
  • host a yearly volunteer fair


Volunteer Services



If you are looking for the right volunteers for your organization, we can assist you with your search. You can post volunteer opportunities in our York Info Community Information & Volunteer Database. You can also send your volunteer opportunities by email or fax. The York Info Community Information & Volunteer Database is available on-line for community members throughout York Region and gives them the opportunity to post volunteer opportunities on-line. Potential volunteer application forms submitted through the database are forwarded to your organization as an e-mail.


We also provide a personal volunteer matching service for community members who would like to become a volunteer. If an applicant’s interests, goals, skill set and time availability matches a volunteer posting, we will refer them to your organization.