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Kobo e-readers with pre-loaded eBooks

Available for loan, each e-reader contains 10 pre-loaded eBooks. Click on the Kobo images below to find them in the catalogue and see the full list of titles for each.

 one for the money

Kobo #1:


Kobo #2:
Mystery, Crime & Detectio


Kobo #3:
Suspense & General Fiction

 Kobo #4:

   Kobo #5:
Historical, Literary &
Other Fiction

  Kobo #6:

backfire book cover 
 Kobo #7:
Mystery & Suspense

 Kobo #8:
Mystery & Suspense


       Kobos placed on hold can be picked up at the check-out desk, where they must be
       returned after their 3-week loan period ends (no renewals are allowed).

       Kobos must be returned to the Circulation Desk and not deposited in the drop box.

       Only adult library cards can be used to take out a Kobo e-reader, and you must present
       an additional piece of ID (eg. driver’s licence). Fines for overdue Kobos are $5 a day, to a
       maximum of $20. If a Kobo reader is lost there will be a charge of  $150, plus a
       processing fee.

       Return to the eResources page to view all of the library's eBook options.


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